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Drop-Off Food


Are you having a small dinner party at home?

Did you love something at a party that we catered?

Do you want to send a fruit platter to a friend?


Call us and tell us what you are looking for.  We will prepare it to perfection, platter it like a pro and deliver it to wherever you want. 



A-La-Carte Menu


Crudite and dip $80 large platter

Caesar salad $45 large bowl

California salad $47 large bowl

Spinach salad $47 large bowl

Greek salad with fresh feta cheese $50 large bowl

Tomato, basil and mozzarella  $80 large platter

Kale & arugula with roasted butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, candied nuts & a pomegranate dressing  $50 large bowl

Baby kale, quinoa and avocado salad  $47 large bowl


Middle eastern sectional platter $90

Churros, techina, israeli salad, babaganoush, turkish, israeli pickles, pickle crisps


All salads  below….$41 bowl

Cranberry and slivered almond infused quinoa

Grilled corn and black bean salad served with diced red onion in a mild vinaigrette

Tomato, baby corn, hearts of palm salad

Papaya, mango & avocado salad

Oriental noodles with scallions, water chestnuts & a sesame teriyaki dressing

Israeli salad

Marinated baby corn salad

Cucumber and dill salad

Red cabbage health salad

Julienned jicama and fresh citrus

Shell pasta with spinach and garlic

Roasted butternut squash salad

Grilled vegetables

Marinated long carrots

Grilled white asparagus

Mesclun greens with roasted red peppers and portobello mushrooms

Pesto pasta

Roasted beet salad

Shaved celery, asparagus, carrots with an asian flare

Broccoli cashew salad

Black bean and couscous salad

Quinoa tabouli with chopped cucumbers, peppers and parsley

Sun dried tortellini with pesto

Waldorf salad

Tuna nicoise salad

Farro grain salad

Oriental quinua

Fresh beets salad

Blood orange salad with leafy lettuces, pomegranate seeds and blood red oranges

Crunchy rainbow cabbage salad


Roasted butternut squash and sweet potato salad

Tabouli inspired quinoa salad

Creamy cole slaw

Potato salad

Tri-colored potato salad

Pickles and olives


Brunch Platters

Bagels $22 / dz

Challah rolls $13 / dz

Croissants $26 / dz

Plain and flavored cream cheese $45 medium platter

Lox, whitefish filet and whitefish salad $135 large platter

Tuna fish $50 medium platter

Egg salad $40 medium platter

Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions $30 medium platter

Fancy cheese platters - sliced and / or chunked domestic and foreign cheeses decorated with red grapes      $80 medium platter


Wrap Station $10.50 per wrap and cut into 3 pieces (3 minimum of any particular type)

Tuna, lettuce, tomato, onion served on a flour tortilla.

Grilled vegetables with a thin spread of hummus served on a sun dried tomato wrap.

Falafel wrap with falafel balls, Israeli salad, hummus and techina

Fresh mozzarella and pesto


Hot Items 

Soups $8 per quart

Baked Ziti $38 per 9x13 or $70 per full pan

Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese $38 per 9x13 or $70 per full pan

Fettuccini alfredo $35 per 9x13 or $65 per full pan

Tuna casserole $40 per 9x13 or $75 per full pan

Penne al a vodka $35 per 9x13 or $65 per full pan

Lasagna Rollatini $38 per 9x13 or $70 per full pan 

Eggplant Rollatini $40 per 9x13 or $80 per full pan

Assorted 3” quiches $3.25 each

Quich 10” $12 each

French toast with syrup $50 per full pan

Pancakes with syrup $50 per full pan

Waffles with syrup $50 per full pan

Hash browns $55 per full pan

Garlic knots $50 per full pan

Borekos $65 per full pan

Breaded mozzarella sticks $65 per half pan


Fish $70 per 9x13 or $130 for a full size (Can be plattered room temperature or hot in a metal pan)

Breaded fish fingers 

Sriracha salmon 

Horseradish Encrusted Salmon

Grilled Honey Mustard Salmon

Teriyaki glazed salmon

Lemon pepper marinated salmon

Poached salmon served with a dill sauce


Room Temperature Items

Deli Platters - $125 / platter (approx 4lb)

Turkey breast


Corned beef

Served with sliced rye bread, kaiser rolls, ketchup, mustard & Russian


Grilled chicken and london broil wraps (cut into 2 or 3) - $13 each


Chicken nuggets or fingers -  $130 each deep pan (can be plattered as well)


Gluten free






Chicken roulades - $145 large platter

Choice of stuffing


Corned beef



Challah stuffing

Sliced london broil - $170 large platter

Grilled vegetables - $88 large platter

Chopped liver / crackers - $65 medium platter


Hot Items

Cholent - $110 full size medium pan

Kishke - $20 additional

Kugel - $50  pan (cut into 60 pieces)

Mini meatballs - $145 full size medium pan

BBQ beef - $150 full size medium pan

Mini hot dogs (in sauce if requested) - $125 full size medium pan

Mini stuffed cabbage - $155 full size medium pan

Sliced pastrami - $190 full size medium pan

Marsala chicken - $160 full size medium pan

Chicken poppers (sauce on the side) - $130 full size medium pan 

Grilled chicken cutlets - choice of marinade - $130 full size medium pan;

Stuffed boneless dark chicken capons - $13 each

Stuffed french cut chicken breasts - $12 each

Lo mein - chicken or beef - $95 full size medium pan

Beef or chicken oriental with vegetables - $125 full medium pan

General tzo chicken - $135 full medium pan

Any other chinese items - $110 - $135 depending on the item

Hot dogs and buns- $3 each

Sliders and buns - $2.25 each

Mini beef or dark meat kebobs - $4 each

Sliced brisket - $235 full medium pan

Pulled brisket - $235 full medium pan

Sliced london broil - $195 full medium pan

Middle eastern kibbeh, lachmagine, cigars - $2.50 - $3.50 per piece

Sesame chicken - $135 full medium pan


Miniature egg rolls, duck sauce - $10 / dz

Miniature potato puffs - $55 full medium pan

Miniature beef or chicken dumplings -  $110 full medium pan

Melange vegetables - $55 full medium pan

Roasted red potatoes - $50 full medium pan

Basmati rice - $45 full medium pan

Fried rice - $45 full medium pan

French beans - $60 full medium pan

Israeli couscous - $45 full medium pan

Basmati rice with dried cranberries and almonds - $45 full medium pan

Pasta - $45 full medium pan

Assorted soups- $7-$9 per quart

Matzo balls  - $1.50 each


Kiddush / Challah Items

Herring and crackers - $25 each 16 oz container

Gefilte fish with carrots and horseradish - $70 platter

Challah rolls @ $13 / dz

XL challah rolls @ $2 each

Whole challah @ 5 each

Extra large ceremonial challah @ $35


Sushi $125 per platter

Assorted vegetable and fish sushi served with chopsticks, wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce



Roasted baby red potatoes $35 per 9x13 or $65 per full pan

French Fries  $25 per 9x13 or $45 per full pan

Dilled rice  $25 per 9x13 or $45 per full pan

Melange vegetables  $45 per 9x13 or $85 per full pan

Roasted winter root vegetables  $45 per 9x13 or $85 per full pan

Toasted orzo $35 per 9x13 or $65 per full pan

Quinoa $35 per 9x13 or $65 per full pan

Farro grain $35 per 9x13 or $65 per full pan



Seasonal fruit platters $40 per medium or $70 per large

Chopped fruit $35 per bowl

Assorted cheesecakes $45 each

Assorted miniature pastries or muffins $55 small platter

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies $25 small platter / $45 large platter

Brownies and blondies $30 small platter or $55 large platter

Individual glass mason jars filled with assorted flavored cake and mousse $4.50 each

Birthday cakes / sheet cakes price TBD

Rice crispy logs, assorted flavors $45 each

Rice crispy square, assorted flavors $45 large platter

Custom logo / name cookies @ $3+ each

Ruggaluch @ $40 bowl

Sliced loaf cakes, assorted flavors @ $50 large platter

Apple crisp - full pan $55

Cinnamon buns $40 platter or full insert


Optional items

Waiters @ $205 each - 6 hour shift

High quality plasticware - $3 per person

Soda and bottled water - $2.50 per bottle

Juice - $3.00 per bottle

Linen tablecloth rental - $16 per table

Linen napkins - .75 each

Serving pieces @ $1 each

Wire racks, water pans and sterno @ $8 per set

Chair covers (white or black) @ $1.50 each

Uplighting @ price TBD

Table rentals @ $15+ each *

Chair rentals @ $3.95+ and up *

Refrigerator rental - $150-$500 *

Shabbos warmer rental - $100-$225 *

“*” indicates that there may be a separate delivery / pick up fee

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