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Kiddush Table

Assorted wine, liquor and grape juice

Chocolate, vanilla & cinnamon rugelach

Chocolate kakosh

Assorted cookies

Sliced gefilte fish platters served with ruby red horseradish and carrots

Individual fancy  mini spoons of selected herrings  served with crackers and keichel


Salad Station

Tomato, hearts of palm and red onion salad

Jicama and citrus salad

Sesame noodles with scallions in a peanut sauce

Black bean and corn salad with diced red onions


Cold Selections

Regular, sesame and coconut chicken nuggets w/ the appropriate dipping sauces

Chopped chicken livers served with traditional cracker rounds

Grilled balsamic marinated chicken strips


Hot Station

Cholent with meat and kishke

Baby meatballs in a tomato sauce cooked with a hint of cranberry

Miniature hot dogs in a barbecue sauce

Potato kugel

Noodle or broccoli kugel


Carving station

Carving of fresh corned beef, pastrami, turkey breast and kielbasa.  Served with assorted sours and dips.


Sushi station

An assortment of sushi rolls, both inside and outside rolls made by our Japanese chefs.  Served with  chopsticks, pickled ginger, wasabi mustard and soy sauce.


Pastries and Fruit

Assorted sliced fruit platters ~or~ chunked fruit served from oversized glass vessels

Carving of giant sized bobka wheels  and extra large loaf cakes

Miniature pastries and cakes

Sliced layer and assorted roll cakes

Rainbow cookies and miniature almond horns

Mini brownie bar

Individual assorted flavor mouse with assorted toppings

Bar mitzvah themed cookies



Assorted sodas, juices, wine and liquor


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