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Sample Bar / Bas Mitzvah




Assorted hors d’oeuvres


Fruit kabobs rolled in toasted coconut

Deviled eggs

Gravlax on a garlic bagel crisp


Mini egg rolls, duck sauce

Crispy potato puffs, deli mustard   

Soup sips of butternut Squash, mushroom barley & split pea

complemented with assorted croutons

Sweet potato fritters, chutney


Full Service Bar

    Serving assorted sodas juices, wines and liquor

        ~Wine and liquor to be provided by host~


Teen Bar

Assorted kid friendly sodas, daiquiris and mock-tinis served in stadium style cups with lids and straws.



Buffet Dinner


Bread Display:


Assorted freshly baked dinner rolls, focaccia, flat breads and Italian breadsticks.

Served with herbed butter



Around-The-World Salad Station:


Caesar Salad

California Salad

Greek Salad

Israeli Salad




Assorted wraps:

Tuna, lettuce, tomato, onion served on a flour tortilla.

Grilled vegetables with a thin spread of hummus served on a sun dried tomato wrap.

Flavored cream cheese and lox.


Pasta Bar:

Have fun being your own Italian chef by first choosing penne, farfalle or fettuccini pasta.  Then indulge by adding any of the abundant number of sauces and toppings and then watch the station attendant mix and heat it to perfection.


Baked Ziti:

    Moist and tasty on the inside, crispy and crunchy on the outside,


Eggplant Parmigiana:

Made with three cheeses and fresh Eggplants.  Baked and never fried, this dish is delicious and actually healthy for you.


Teriyaki Salmon:

Freshly caught salmon marinated in a sesame teriyaki sauce and grilled to perfection.

    Served over spaghetti vegetables


Mini Pizzas:

    Assorted mini pizzas made with authentic Italian spices and sauce.

        Served with french fries.


The above is served with:

Roasted baby red potatoes

Mellange Vegetables


Viennese Dessert


Ice Cream Bar

Assorted ice creams topped with any of the many available toppings.  Served in either a cup, in a cone or blended into a milk shake.


Assorted Warm Cookies and Brownies


Hot Station

    Apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream

    Mini meltaways and blondies


Assorted Chopped Seasonal Fruits served in small individual goblets.


Fried cookie station

A large selection on parve oreo cookies, homemade chocolate chip cookies as well as other popular baked items deep fried in a wok.


Coffee, decaf coffee and tea



Additional Items



Popcorn Station

Assorted flavored popcorn such as rainbow, kettle, green apple and caramel scooped into mini buckets.


Belgian Waffle shop

Freshly made waffles topped with each kid's choice of sweet toppings.


Candy Case

A large white, candy dressed bookcase displaying glass jars filled with a variety of your favorite candies.

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